Welcome to World Wrestling Experience! (WWEx) Thanks for visiting our website! WWEx is a fantasy wrestling league (Efed for sort.) In which our members roleplay against each other when booked on the show, weather it's the weekly show, Tuesday Night Genesis, or the monthly Pay-Per-View. On a side note we accept REAL wrestlers only. As well as roleplaying for your matches, we also encourage our members to send in segments for the show, weather your booked or not. Segments are used to develop your character, develop storylines/feuds/alliances with our other members. We're not big on imposing "rules", however we do have a guide in WWEx, in which you can read HERE, It is highly recommend you check that out before you consider joining. Joining process is simple, once you've register on our forums, head over to the sign up page and fill out an application, Regardless of your skill or experience level, we look forward to welcoming everyone into our e-Fed community. We encourage the participation of anyone who's a fan of creative writing and professional wrestling alike. Head over to our forums to check on all the information you need.